What if something is broken?
On the one hand, Vadana has arranged a damage insurance policy with Česká pojišťovna, on the other hand, each housekeeper has made a policy for injury inflicted in consequence with the job performance.

What if I do not like the housekeeper?
Approximately after one month of co-operation, the company´s executive will call you to ask if you are satisfied, what can be improved or if you wish to change something, including the housekeeper.

What if I have an office at home to carry on business?
In that case, you will include a part of cleaning services into your business expenses. We have two types of contracts prepared, one for individuals and another for businesses.

What if the housekeeper is ill?
If the housekeeper is ill, we will call you, and it will be upon you if you prefer a substitute or if the cleaning will be skipped (in which case it will not be invoiced to you).

What if we are on holiday?
You will simply cancel the cleaning by phone (not later than 24 hours in advance) and it will not be invoiced to you.

What if the housekeeper steals something?
We have had no case like this yet. If any housekeeper steals anything in any household, such case would be solved by the Police. But have in mind that the housekeepers are also afraid of being accused of stealing, e.g. by teenagers. Each new housekeeper is required to submit a clean record.

How are the housekeepers selected?
Each housekeeper begins in the household of the company´s executive. Only after several cleanings, the housekeeper practices with some senior colleague by single cleaning, substitution due to illness or holiday and, after such an experience – the housekeeper has its own first client.

What about employer-employee relation?
Our housekeepers are employed on the basis of a due employment contract, they are the employees of Vadana spol. s r. o.; they have no own trade licence. Therefore, the clients are under no obligations to them.

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