Welcome to the web-site of a limited-liability company VADANA, spol. s r. o.

Activities offered by our firm:

• floor washing
• washing and shining of windows, doors, glasses
• dusting and polishing of furniture
• washing and drying the dishes
• hovering of carpets and sofas
• ironing
• picking up children from school and pre-school institutions or activity groups
• watering flowers
• hanging of washed laundry
• shopping up to 10.00 kg
• maintenance (cleaning ?) of sanitary installations
• cleaning of garage
• cleaning of surroundings of swimming pool
• washing and cleaning of appliances, tools and conveniences in the house
• cleaning of inner and outer staircases, outside railings, window sills and flagging (paving)
• errands, e. g. post-office, cleaner΄s, repair shop

Note: outdoor works can be required only in the case of a good weather.
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